14 Days and Counting

I am going to board a plane and fly half-way round the world in exactly 14 days.

And as crazy exciting as that is, it gets better. Oh yes. Because, for these two weeks, I have nothing to do but get ready and enjoy the time with my family and friends. Well, that, and continue in my efforts towards learning Italian. But I don't have to study anymore.

That's right, I am officially done with college!

Technically, I can't say that I have my bachelor's degree in English. I need the grade and transcript for my final course before I can file for graduation and then, given the way Thomas Edison has things set up, there will be a couple months before the next graduation date rolls around. BUT, I can say that I have earned my BA in full. And what's even better is that I met the goals I had set for how I wanted to earn it: in less than two years, for less than $20K, and without putting the rest of my life on hold. It's a good feeling.

I'm glad at what I've accomplished and I'm glad to be done. I'm glad to be free to read and stay late at Jiu Jitsu class and lolly gag around the dinner table with my family because I don't have any more credits to earn. It's nice; really, really nice. And it's exciting too because now I get to think about what's next. I have no plans beyond Italy - and only God know what will or won't happen during, after, or because of my time there - but it's thrilling to have a wide-open horizon to come home to, even if the idea of charting a course is slightly daunting ;)


New Year, New Year, What Do You See?

I see two things happening for certain:

1. Completing my bachelor's degree (1 measly little credit stands between me and filing for graduation)
2. Going to Italy. For three whole months. I booked my flight yesterday and it still hasn't really sunk in I'm GOING TO ITALY.

Other than those two things, 2012 is a mystery package that I'll unwrap a day and a week and a month at a time.

I can't wait to see what it holds.