No Word for Wednesday

I know I'm supposed to post about a J word today and follow it with a story clip. Here's the thing: I'm out of J words that fit the parameters of my challenge. The J section in the dictionary is remarkably short compared to the other letters of the alphabet and, beyond that, most of the words are derivative forms of a familiar word. The whole point of this challenge was to unearth obscure and unfamiliar words. That pretty much rules out words like jaunt, jest, judiciary, and jumble. So, unless you want some unpronounceable names of fowls or four-legged critters (some of which are extinct), I'm out of J words.

Which is slightly problematic.

See, each word is supposed to start with the letter of the month in which I post it. Well, July is right around the corner. And that means I'd need four more J words besides today's non-existent one. That's just not going to work. I'm sure I could find some words somewhere, but it'd mean hours and hours scouring online dictionaries and, frankly, I'm not that dedicated ;)

To rectify this situation, I'm going to need your help. I need you to pick a letter - any letter that doesn't start the name of a month. Put your choice in the comment section. I'll count votes up till next Tuesday evening. The letter with the most votes will be the one I use for July's Word-for-Wednesday posts. If there's a tie, I'll do a drawing and go from there. If no one votes, then I'll pick one. But I really, really don't want to do that so...

Help me out?


Do share your thoughts - I enjoy reading them :)