More Bloggity Love

I have been bequeathed yet another award! Behold the verdant object:

It was given to me by Anita. She recently signed a book deal for her debut, SPLINTERED. I think all of her followers, myself included, were almost as excited by her news as she was ;) The banner of her blog matches the description of her book: eerie and whimsical. Anita isn't eerie herself, though. She's actually very amusing and friendly and just plain 'ole fun. Click over to her blog and browse if you have a minute :)

So the rules for this award are as follows:

1. Thank and link to the person(s) who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to five blogging buddies.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

When Anita was passed this award she shared seven reasons why her main character was cooler than her, because she's creative like that. All the reasons my MC is cooler than me boil down to one thing (and if I go through the un-boiled reasons, I'll get into all the cultural and ideological facets of those reasons and then this post will too long for consumption), so I'll give you the one reason my MC is cooler and then six random facts about myself. But first I have to thank Anita - the thanking rule should never be broken. Thank you, Anita!

And now, why my main character is cooler than me:

He's a Viking. Think this guy only younger:

I think that pretty much sums things up, don't you?

Now for randominity regarding me...

1. I'm half Italian. I have the dark hair and dark eyes to prove it, though I didn't get all of the Mediterranean skin tone.

2. I was obsessed with the Far East when I was younger. To the point where I made myself a kimono and wore chopsticks in my hair.

3. I've never been in an airport by myself. So the idea of flying to and from Italy alone and navigating terminals with no one to make sure I don't get lost or miss my connecting flights? Slightly terrifying.

4. I used to collect hotwheels. My sisters and I would set up hotwheel races with our cousin during holidays. Let me tell you, they don't run very well on carpet.

5. Purple is favorite color, which isn't saying much because everyone in my family loves purple, but still. I maintain my favor.

6. I want to have the entire Prince Valiant comic collection. My brother got a hardcover volume with original illustrations and...well, my love of Prince Valiant was immediately resurrected. Although, I think it may have ruined my brother for life. He keeps talking about how he wanted to be born when he could be a knight. Him and I were born in the wrong time period ;)

Well, that takes care of rules 1 and 2. Rule 3 is giving me problems though. See, within the last few posts (which is a few weeks for me) I've passed the Liebster and the Cute Blogger award on to fellow bloggers. I'm pretty much out of people to give award to that (a) I haven't given one to already or (b) haven't just gotten one themselves. So, if any of you lovely followers would like to pin the verdant square on your blog, take it with my leave and blessing. I'd be happy for any and all of you to have it.

Fair enough?


  1. I bet you are beautiful--half-Italian girl. Do you know Italian at all? That's a language I really, really want to learn because I want to visit Italy sometime.

    Also, PURPLE?!? I knew I loved you for a reason (lots of reasons, actually, but PURPLE rocks!)

    Congrats with your lovely award!

  2. You know, I've never gotten a blog award. If it's open I wouldn't mind.

    Purple was always my favorite color growing up. ) Rock on.

  3. Right after high school I took a trip around the country visiting family by myself, so I totally understand that fear. There was one time when my flight was late and I was in the Atlanta airport (which is huge and confusing)and I missed my connecting flight. My family was in Alaska at the time and totally unreachable and I broke down crying at the ticket counter. Yeah, they got me another flight and it was all good. Still scary though.

    I also love purple too :)

  4. Cherie - I'll have to post a picture one of these day for you. I know a teensy weensy bit of Italian. A few short phrases and a handful of isolated words. I'm working on it though! Because I'd really like to have a least a conversational level of fluency when I'm over there for a semester next year. AW, lol :) Yes, purple does rock. Completely.

    Adam - Do you have a different favorite color now that you're grown up??

    Jen - See...I'm afraid that's going to happen when I'm in some airport in Europe :p It'll be an adventure, I'm sure! Well, lookie there, another thing we can add to our list of commonalities :)

  5. Congrats on the award:) Your character sounds intriguing...when do we get to meet him? :)

  6. Thank you, Mark :) I don't know when you get to meet him, honestly. Someday he'll be in print but I don't know when that will be. I'm glad you're intrigued, though. He's a pretty interesting guy.


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