I Would Rather Run a Marathon

Back in mid-March, I joined a string ensemble group. There are seven of us: four violins, two violas, and one cello. We had our first performance together last Sunday. We were live background music for a reception at one of the churches downtown. We had to play for about an hour and, all in all, I thought we sounded pretty good. Except for my instructor, none of us are professional musicians so our performance was hardly perfect. But, it was good enough to add "a touch of class" to the reception - or so we were told.

Yesterday, we met at our normal time and were getting ready to start learning some new music. As we're all getting our sheet music in order, the lady who I play second violin with says, "I would rather run a marathon than do that reception again." After talking about it, she decided it hadn't been that bad but I think it had more to do with how long it would take to run 26.2 miles than the difficulty of performing.

Anyway, her comment got me thinking, and I thought it would be fun to do a get-to-know-you/fill-in-the-blank here on my blog. So, here's the prompt: "I would rather run a marathon than..."

I'll go first: I would rather run a marathon than sky-dive, bungee-jump, or do any other activity that involves launching oneself off a stable object from a ridiculous height.

Your turn :)


  1. Ok, here's mine: I would rather run a marathon than sing in front of people. I'm a horrible singer!

  2. I would rather do most anything else besides RUN A MARATHON! ;)

  3. Lol, I like this idea!

    I would rather run a marathon than be sitting in a room full of spiders! I hate spiders! Eww.

  4. I would rather run a marathon than get a tattoo on my wrist. I have a phobia of the inside of wrists, I'm not even kidding

  5. Cherie - I bet you're not as bad as you think you are :) I don't mind singing in front of family and friends (I do it subconciously all the time) but I'm not a fan of public singing

    Sensie - haha! Come on, 26.2 miles wouldn't be that bad...

    Krista - I am in total agreement with you. Hate. Spiders. *shudders at the thought of a room full of them*

    Christine - You have a completely unique phobia :) It can be your quirky author trait when you get published and are doing interviews and book signings.

  6. I would rather run a marathon than eat anything my dad cooked. My father can not cook to save his life but I still love him. lol

  7. His food is that bad?? Wow.

  8. I would RUN a marathon if it meant I could go skydiving at the finish line!

  9. Lol, Tiff! You're out of your mind ;)


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