A Classic Boy v. Girl Moment

I was running errands yesterday with my youngest brother (Rilian) and sister (Coral). The library was our last stop. After reading a stack of books aloud to Rilian while Coral played with puzzles and a stuffed green frog, it was time to go. I don't know when it had started but, by the time we reached the door, it was pouring rain out. So I opened the door, we grabbed hands, and ran out on the count of three.

There were enormous puddles scattered all over the parking lot.

I was just trying to get to the car as quickly as possible because it was cold and wet and dark and there was a tornado warning out.

Rilian was jumping and splashing through every single puddle he could reach, giggling his adorable little head off.

Coral goes, "Ahhh!! It's getting in my shoes!"


  1. That's exactly how my kids are. I have a girl (7) and a boy (3). My little boy loves anatomy books--the grosser they are, the better. My girl screams at the tiniest sight of blood. ;)

  2. Very true! I love when little kids show you those things. My little brother (4) will come in with dirt on his hands and my little sister (7) will be perfectly clean. :)

  3. Cherie - That sounds very familiar. The kiss-it-to-make-it-better still works for Coral, but my brothers are like, "Ok...it still hurts."

    Krista - I know! Siblings, especially the youngest ones, are the best character studies in the world. Their personalities are developing and starting to really show and it is SO much fun to watch and interact with them :)

  4. Joe FarageApril 05, 2011

    Oh, to be young again...oh wait, I still go puddle-jumping :)

    Caitlin, this is really the most interesting blog i've found yet, i love it! Keep blogging!

  5. Lol, yeah, we'll still go run around in the rain. When we don't have to be in our basement from a tornado warning.

    Awwww, thank you Joey :) That made my day.

  6. Caitlin, must be fun to have eight siblings. I have 5 siblings myself. It was always a riot when we were at home all at the same time. Now I don't see them very much--we live too far from each other. Your post made me remember how I used to tend the younger ones. So fun. :) I miss them.

  7. Yes, it is. We have the best times together :) I know someday we'll all be living in different places, but I can't even imagine what it will be like not to have my little guys running around and interrupting and making me laugh. It'll certainly be an adjustment. In the meantime, though, I'm enjoying every day with them.


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