I Have Fallen Victim...

...to some sort of malfunction.

I was out of town for the last four and half days with my family. My sister, Frances, had her first vaulting (which is basically gymnastics on horses) competition so we took a twelve hour road trip in our giant 15-seater van to Virginia. Both sets of grandparents met us there and we had a surprise high school graduation for Frances, a blown spark plug and dead battery, a tour of D.C. and other sundry happenings.

I had scheduled the Versatility post since I was working the morning of the day we were leaving (and then I had to pack and try to get some semblance of studying in before we left). Six of you were kind enough to comment. I had a chance to read them but not to respond before we all loaded into the van. Well, when I signed in this morning, they were gone! All of them, along with a few other comments from previous posts. I was so disappointed, because I had been looking forward to replying to all of you.

I have no idea what happened. And there's some weird arrow thingies on my label links. Sometimes, technology is not my friend. At all.

So, to all of you who left such fun and thoughtful comments, (a) I wasn't being rude or ignoring you, (b) I wish I could get them back and stick them back on the posts where they belong, (c) I don't know how so I'm afraid your comments are fated to be lost forever in cyberspace. I'm sorry.

In other news: I'm terrible at chess. My computer beats me on Level 2.


  1. Caitlin, don't worry--while you were gone, Blogger went down. Everybody lost their posts plus comments. I think it was part of Thursday and all of Friday when it happened. So, not your fault at all. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, I thought it was just me at first too. It was horrible. My computer was already crashing so I just assumed it decided to dislike blogger. I would have been so sad! :(

    Vaulting sound scary, btw!

  3. I noticed some comments missing too!

  4. Oh good. It's a relief to know that it's not something I mistakenly did! Thanks for informing me, ladies :)


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