A Word for Wednesday

Muggard - a, Sullen; displeased

My Webster's 1828 Dictionary has a note after the definition of this word that says [Not is use]. It's a shame that such a word fell out of use. I think we should bring it back.

I wasn't able to find much on the history of this word and the subsequent decline of it's use. All I can tell you is that it was used in popular English literature sometime before 1828. I tried to find some examples of such literature and promptly failed, much to my disappointment. The search engines stubbornly equated "mugger" with "muggard," no matter how I worded my query. And since the meaning of mugger isn't even slightly related to that of muggard, none of my searches produces any helpful results.

So, seeing that there's no more ado to give, I suppose there's nothing left but to go on to the narrative :)

"The room was a riot of color and noise. A riot so dear and familiar to me that I ached with longing, though I had not yet left. The lively music of the players matched the step and swirl of ladies and gentlemen, young and old, as they danced just beyond the doorway I stood in. Laughter, melody, and chatter filled the place to bursting. I saw my sisters among the twirling mass, their faces bright with gaiety. My brother grinned at me as he spun past. Oh, how would I bare leaving them?

"I think he fancies you."

I smiled at my friend's voice. She was at my shoulder now, up on her toes, looking out over the dancing pairs.

"Yes, I'm sure of it," she said. "Though I don't envy you."

"Whoever are you talking about, Elise?" I said. "Another one of your dashing strangers?"

"No, the muggard fellow by the band. He's seated there on the right. Do you see him?"

I did. His sullen brow had no more place than filthy dog in the cheer of the evening, but there he sat. He lifted his eyes and, for a briefest of all fleeting moments, we were staring at each other. I spun and put the wall between myself and the man's unsettling gaze.

"Who is he?" I asked.

"I haven't the slightest idea," she said. "Except that he's bold enough to have been watching you all evening long."

"To what end?" A sudden fearful panic rose in me. Had he come for me? I hadn't breathed a word of what I had planned. How could a stranger possibly know? What did he want?

"I imagine he desires your hand," Elise said.

"How can you speak of him so lightly?"

"He's just a man, Reina." She laughed as she turned to look at me. "Reina, why are you pale?"


  1. There's a making of a story there. Muggard--what a word! Sounds like sluggard.

    Thanks for sharing ;)

  2. I think so too :)

    My pleasure


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