I have received yet another bloggity award. This one comes from the cheerful Ashley Nixon. She has a boyfriend who looks like Aladdin and she's written a book about pirates (which sounds like a boatload of fun and adventure). Check her out.

So, this award comes with rules. You probably know them by heart now ;)

- Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
- Contact those buddies to congratulate them

(I will do my best to follow the rules but that's all I can promise)

1. I look significantly younger than I am. I'm almost 22 but most people guess that I'm somewhere between 12 and 15. And they think that my sister (who actually is 15) is around 18. I don't understand it.

2. I use a giant coffee mug for a pen-holder.

3. I've hiked Mount Algonquin - the second highest peak in the Adirondacks.

4. I love peanut butter. I'll eat it straight out of the jar. Or with apples. Or chocolate chips.

5. I have a typewriter. It doesn't work. I just like having it.

6. I can remember actors' names and what they've been in without trying. Even if I only see them in a trailer, I can name a bunch of movies they're in if asked. It sounds like I spend hours looking up actors/actresses and memorizing what they've been in even though I don't. At my house, it's always "Hey, Caitlin, what has So-and-So acted in?" 90% of the time I can answer.

7. A Sonic Mocha-Caramel Java Chiller is my favorite thing to buy whenever I want a treat to celebrate a small accomplishment. They're amazing.

I'm passing this on to:

Bluestocking Mum

Enjoy, ladies!


  1. I'm honoured Caitlin. Thank you so much. I shall add a link to your blog from mine!

    Super list of random things. And am very envious that you look so young! Isn't it funny how our brains have the capacity to hold onto some really trivial stuff - love that you can remember actors names.
    For me I still remember invoice/customer numbers from somewhere I worked 20 years ago - very bizarre.


  2. Thank you so much! I,as well, am peanut butter lover. I love it with all the things listed above, and raisins and toast. So we can be peanut butter - Merlin buddies.
    Also, I have typewriter envy. The End.

  3. Congrats, Caitlin! It looks lovely in here. Hey it's good to look young--older people pay big bucks just to look young again. You're lucky, though it might not feel like it when you're trying to, say, go to Vegas or something. Lol. J/k XD

  4. Congrats!!! :D

    It is nice to look younger! And having a typewriter is cool! I wrote my pirate book on one, actually. lol.

  5. Aw, Caitlin, thanks! And haha, I love peanut butter, too. Have you ever tried it w/apples and graham crackers? Nice combo. And I'm a fan of the Hazelnut java chiller, myself It's awesome that you look young. I do, too, and people sometimes mistake my daughter and I for sisters, which is WAY cool. So enjoy that! You are a very intesting lady indeed. ;)

    Congrats to the other nominees, and I'll be posting a thank you to you next Wednesday. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Did I really just say my daughter and I?? Did I reallY? *hangs head in shame*

    My daughter and me. That's what I meant. Yah. Sigh... ;)

  7. Thank you so much for this, Caitlin! I must be dreaming because I thought I'd come by already. I'm so sorry for forgetting! I appreciate your thoughtfulness. ;) And congrats to all of the other winners.

    BTW, I love sonic,too. And I like graham crackers with peanut butter, eaten w/fresh apple slices. It's wonderful. YUM. And Wow on the moutain climbing! I'm too much of a pansy and am afraid of heights, so you would NEVER catch me doing that.

    I'll announce this soon on my blog, and send some of my readers your way, too. ;)

  8. You're welcome :) And I must be dreaming with you. Either that or Blogger has done something strange. You came by last week and left a comment. You and six others. I read them but didn't have a chance to reply before I went out of town. The comments were gone when I came back! So I don't know what happened.

    Oooh, yes, graham crackers with peanut butter are so good. I've never tried it with apple slices though. I think I will - sounds greaet ;)

  9. Ah, that evil blogger curse! Well, blogger did the same thing to me w/ several on my Zen post, and I went back and found them and reposted because there were so many encouraging things that I wanted to be able to go back and look at them from time to time. Heh. Needy much?

    Anyway, dropping by to let you know that I'm going to be posting your award tomorrow. Have a great night! And yes, do try the apples w/ the graham and pb combo. It's almost like eating caramel apples w/out the sticky. :)


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